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The E-Nano kit includes everything you need to start saving your lungs and herb:

1 – E-Nano handcrafted in USA
1 – Removable 110v cord with adjustable temperature
1 – Glass Stem
1 – Cotton bag for quick storage
1 – E-pick stainless steel multi-tool
1 – Quick start guide
1  – EpicVape Sticker

Select your wood and optional upgrades below. 

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E-Nano Features:

  • American designed and built = Completely isolated clean air path.
  • Hand crafted in the USA from a solid piece of sustainable hardwood = No laminates.
  • Natural shellac finish = No Voc’s no lacquers, no paints.
  • Custom designed 100% ceramic heating element. Rohs compliant. = Clean air path, peace of mind.
  • Fast 2 minute heat up time = No more waiting.
  • Extra long removable 2.5 meter power cord with variable temperature control built in = No bulky external power supply
  • Rotary variable power/ON-OFF switch = You chose the temperature from 0-560F.
  • Full ac power = Plenty of power for herbs, flowers, aromatherapy oils and concentrates.
  • 24 hour factory burn in = Ready to plug and play when you un-box it.
  • 3 year warranty = We stand behind our products. Lifetime warranty on the ceramic heater.

The E-nano is the world’s most efficient and easiest to use American made vaporizer. Don’t let the E-Nano’s tiny size fool you, our patent-pending heating engine is a beast! Simply load just .025-.05 grams of your favorite herb into the glass stem and you’ll be amazed at the milky clouds this little wonder can produce.
Whether you order the standard, premium or exotic wood, all E-Nanos utilize our unique patent-pending heater engine.
This handcrafted vape will pay for itself with the amount of herb you will save. We guarantee it. If the E-Nano doesn’t exceed your expectations simply return it to us for a prompt refund (less shipping and handling).

Additional Information

Weight 0.2125 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in
Wood Choice

Cherry, Maple, Walnut

Stem Choice

Standard Stainless Steel Screen, Long Stainless Steel Screen, Standard Glass Screen

Customer Reviews (4.98)

(49 customer reviews)

49 reviews for OG E-Nano Kit

  1. vrujshk (verified owner)

    I bought my E-Nano vaporizer in 2017 and have used it heavily since with zero issues. I set the temperature to the max of 10 for about 1-2 minutes, and then to 6-6:5 depending on the type of herb I’m vaping. The beautiful craftsmanship of the device along with the evenly distributed heating make for a wonderful vaping experience. I like using the 19mm GonG adapter with a bong, but the stem is nice too. I’ll be a lifelong customer for sure.

  2. Maryellen J Joubert (verified owner)

    I owned a e nano till the wood casing cracked past warranty. I thought I would try other vaporizers over the next couple of years, but I am going back to the e nano after the lotus, vapman, and pax 2. I can’t beat the e nano especially on a weed budget. I do have a hack, put a heavy duty rubber and on the temperature dial and it won’t accidentally change temperature when bumped

  3. adamsetterhansen (verified owner)

    This thing, ney, this glorious piece of technology. This fantastic object, this marvel of weed paraphernalia will take your weed enjoyment to the next lvl.. It is so precise that you can control your high very easily and not only that you get the proper weed taste. I have now had for about a month and my love for this grows each day. The efficiency of this thing blows my mind. i have more than halved my weed budget and I feel like I am getting the most out of my weed ever. This thing awesome. Buy it. can’t recommend it enough.

  4. Vadderung (verified owner)

    I received the maple EpicVape as a gift; after showing it to my wife every couple days for six weeks. It has been the best gift I could have ever asked for. Decided to stain it in an Island Water from Sherwin William’s. Slowly seared the ring around the top. It looks wonderful sitting on the bookcase in the living room. Always gets great remarks from guests who want one themselves. I would request please: Please make a small bowl dish like your cupped hand with the stim coming from the center underneath. The bowl will fit the cylinder much better than the present thimble. Perhaps 2/3 the depth of the thimble but a bowl that hangs over the edge a bit.

  5. Peter

    I’ve been trying various vaporizer devices for years. 2 1/2 years ago I purchased an Enano and I just lost interest in other vapes. For me it is perfect. Beautiful aesthetics small and elegant, perfect flavor and vapor. I leave it out on my table hooked up to a timer and it is always ready to go whenever I might need it. Perfect for the sort of microdosing I do, with each hit great in flavor and vapor intensity.

  6. Niall

    Hey guys. If I put an adapter on this will it work safely in europe? 220v in my neck of the woods. Thanks.

    • prince

      Hi Niall,

      Yes, you would need to purchase a 220v to 110v step down converter with a minimum of 50 watts to use the E-Nano. The proper converter will not effect the life of the E-Nano.

  7. John (verified owner)

    New to vaping and this is my first. Works great–I find 7.5 setting about the best for me. Works great with small amounts. I haven’t found the need to grind much, though my green is fairly dry.

  8. mwoodall (verified owner)

    I started using vapes with the Pax 3 which is just fine for travel, but I wanted a better desktop vape for home. I decided to give the Epic e-nano a try and I’m very glad I did. The flavor that the e-nano delivers is just tremendous. As I tell my friends, the first hit isn’t about getting high at all (well…sorta, lol), but more about the taste. It’s really good — whenever I take the occasional hit from more conventional combustion methods, my taste buds protest loudly before curling into a fetal position. Additionally, the Epic is very economical in use. Unlike the Pax, it doesn’t require a fine grind to get the best results (a coarse shred works best for me). The glass stem provides a nice, smooth draw, but when you couple the Epic to a water pipe there is nothing better. It’s a simple, well-made vape that yields reliably clean hits. Last but not least, the company has a well-deserved reputation for their warranties and customer support. I recommend the e-nano whole-heartedly to anyone wanting a tastier, healthier, more efficient way of enjoying the garden.

  9. Ana Karina (verified owner)

    I am a long time user of vaporizers, and have researched / tried a few different styles of vape. I heard about this particular kit from the FC forums. In terms of aesthetics it would depend on your appreciation of wood. I personally love it. It is simple to use, and in terms of day to day performance is hands down the best vape i have used. It is great for long sessions and all of the talk of how you can vape from a small amount is true. It has amazingly consistent extraction and stirring is not a problem.When I have had the chance to use more expensive vapes, I have still wished for the nano

    The service is great too. The staff are cool with questions and reply quickly. If you care to look around online you will find stories of people buying vaporizers, even from big companies, that essentially have high failure rates. The nano is an excellent and simple idea. This gives it a consistency in use that not all vapes have.

  10. midnightpuggy (verified owner)

    I received my E-Nano Saturday and I am quite shocked by how awesome it is. I’m a medical user and have an extremely rare connective tissue disorder called Beals Syndrome. My hands and fingers are normally non cooperative when it comes to futzing with vaporizers but the E-Nano’s dial is effortless and the shape of the vaporizer itself is perfect for holding (and I really do love that it goes to 11!)

    I had been using a Mighty portable by Storz and Bickel but, in my opinion, the E-Nano blows it away. I love that I can use exactly what I need and not waste any every time I want to medicate One light pack into a fixed stem gives about 3 good sized (for me, which means around 8s each) puffs which is perfect for using small amounts. It’s pretty much perfect all-around. I also got this to use through water and it adds no resistance like the Mighty does (I think I lack the breathing power to make the most of it, but not so with the E-Nano -it is truly effortless.) I’m using it with a Magic Flight Orbiter bubbler.

    Thanks for making this vaporizer

    Oh, if there is one thing to complain about, I do wish the numbers on the dial were a bit more bold..

  11. imjohnjohn (verified owner)

    Here’s a copy of my review I posted today as comment to the question “what is your favorite vape?” on Facebook page of The Healing Clinic – THC
    “E-Nano hands down! I love it best with its bong adapter for SMOOTH hits! I have MFLB (used it twice, once by itself, then with bong whip…it’s been sitting in my drawer collecting dust ever since…what a major hassle times 100! Anyone who wants to buy it off me, let me know, I’m ready to rid of it, as I never use it anymore and don’t see myself ever using it again, ever)
    Then I bought BOUNDLESS CFV (best with bong adapter), then PULSAR APX vaporizer(better with bong adapter), then Pulsar APX SMOKER (not vaporizer but a combustion e-pipe, can also use with bong adapter). After all that, e-Nano remains my fav go to vaporizer! I keep it plugged in and the included aluminum tray for resting the e-Nano, the glass tubes, and the temperature control dial right next to my sofa AT ALL TIMES. When I wake up or get home or whenever I need a hit, I just turn the dial between 6 and 10 as instructed, wait 2 minutes for it to reach the temperature you chose, in the mean time, depending on my preference for flavor and vapor intensity at the time, take the glass tube of choice (one short, one long, or get the bong adapter separately) and stick it into my ground up stash to fill the chamber, then just sit the glass tube on the e-Nano, then when 2 minutes are up, if it’s with bong adapter, then just flip the glass tube with e-Nano over and attach to bong and start vaping super tasty and smooth bong filtered draws! Or if without bong adapter, then just put glass tube to mouth and start drawing for some truly tasty and excellent vapes!
    I also like to use cranberry juice/red wine/green tea tp replace the water in my bong for different times of day and flavors/sensations.
    I absolutely love the e-Nano and use it most because I can go from sitting down to vaping the smoothest draws in just two minutes, not to mention its vapor quality far surpasses all others I have, hands down. Best of all, cleaning literally takes 2 seconds (between sessions)! Just turn glass tube over, tap on the side of your glass vial that you collect your AVB in, or the side of your ashtray, and voila! You’re done! That’s a cleaning time of 2 seconds! Now you’re ready to repeat the process again!
    2 minutes TOTAL from sitting down to start vaping top quality vapors, then 2 seconds of cleaning and you’re ready to go again.”

  12. johnnyproduce2003 (verified owner)

    So far so good. Similar to some vapes with whips. But much better quality and better accessories. You get the most out of your bud with this! I love the adapter for a water bong. Never thought that would be possible. Overall very pleased with this purchase!

  13. boquhapple (verified owner)

    Small, beatiful, tactile and an absolute pleasure to hold and use. It delivers long sessions or hard rips

    with equal efficiency, power and taste. The flavour is great and stays past the first few draws, unlike

    some others around. A must have addition to anyones rotation and fits in perfectly alongside my Evo, Solo

    and Ascent. Always there ready to go:) The workmanship and skill put into the e-nano are to be admired and

    applauded. An added bonus also was the great customer service and quick and painless delivery to the UK,

    with customs being just over a tenner! A definite must have for any enthusiast. Thank you so much:)

  14. Mucsusn

    Just received a Walnut unit this morning via USPS. Just broke her in with a few hits of Indica brought back from CO. What a treat, both functionally and aesthetically. The product is incredibly well made, a bargain, and functional beyond belief. I have not encountered a more efficient method of getting THC into my body. Now that I have two, I think I will start a policy of selected lending one out to influence future purchases.

  15. Pjake via FC forums

    My nano is still my favorite vape. Better than my plenty, crafty, grasshopper, or Pax. Nano is just too versatile to ever take a back seat. I’ve had mine well over a year and it has been running between 6-7 for 80% of its life. I very rarely shut it off. For a home unit, the nano is where it’s at. Thank you Andy. Your vape is still the best!

  16. justvapin

    You will love it. It is dead simple to use, and highly effective. Always on, always ready. I have a bunch of vapes, the Nano is the only one that gets used every single day without fail. Flavor about as good as it gets, and insane efficiency.

  17. just_the_flu via fuckcombustion.com

    .. the Nano is the only vape i own that has not taken the passenger’s seat…
    It’s the only vape i consistently use on the daily basis.
    I bought a desktop that should have retired my nano,
    but i enjoy the nano over this ‘other’ heavy hitter.
    …the nano is perfect. it’s always on ready to go.
    perfect through water, or a dry stem.
    Herbs or concentrates, or both together
    nano does not discriminate.
    … it is in my belief every vapour enthusiast should have
    a nano in their collection…

  18. Thomas

    Awesome vape. Looks great, the hits are smooth and tasty and their customer service is fantastic. I was skeptical at first but this truly is my favorite purchase this year.

  19. robin321

    I can’t say enough about how great this vape has been for me :rockon:. Works perfect, the wood, design give it a personality as apposed to a digital gadget/detached feel. That was an importance that I didn’t realize since I’m usually all about the function not the aesthetics.

    This really has been perfect and reliable. I have a couple of lines/cracks. I’m not sure if they were there before or happened later. I make sure to use coconut oil on it almost every night, and the cracks haven’t grown any.

    Another bonus is how easy it is to clean the stem. I recently realized that the plastic tube it came in is for that purpose :doh:. It could not be easier.

    Anyway, was looking for a vape for years, and I have no use for any other vapes except the AIR for portable or roaming around at home. This is after 6 months of heavy use.

  20. Spocks_Katra

    just had to stop by and say the nano is still knockin my socks off when it comes to effect and efficiency, a vape everyone needs in their lineup

  21. ratchett@delta3dstudios.com

    I have been using my E-Nano for over two years now, still my favorite personal desktop vaporizer. A year ago I purchased an LSV vaporizer because I wanted to try bigger hits. After two months I went back to my E-Nano, because the LSV was MUCH bigger than I expected (over half a meter long with the dry wand). My Nano is very small (imagine a tiny rebull can) and fits perfectly on my desk

    Seriously, the Nano has cured any desire I have to purchase another desktop vaporizer. My quest for my favorite portable continues. But all this Milaana talk has me interested

  22. russeldro

    be smart. trust your gut. its telling u to take the plunge. and I’m your strain guardian angel. here to lead off with …..
    bold statement huh? HELL NO!!!!
    no blunt, blunt wrap, bong(unless you use it with this), or organic papers can deliver the HANDS DOWN PURE FLAVOR this does
    nor can it deliver the power or medicinal properties this does
    u wanna save money, preserve strains, and at the same time be able to purchase many other strains so that u can mix, match, and medicate the way u need and want. this is how…..
    LOUD RULE # 1 : WATCH YOUR STEP!!! THIS AINT NO REGULAR HIT OF LOUD(that was for da blunt and joint smokers).
    I came straight from raw papers and dutch masters. don’t be led astray any longer.
    u wont miss having to roll up. u wont miss a lot of things associated with smoking.
    stop wasting your strains people. your not getting the flavor, powerful hit, and medication all in one hit that u deserve.

  23. drew w

    I love the e-nano.

    Good clouds. No dirty whip, just clean glass (as long as you keep it clean, lovely vapor resin builds up with use). Harder to accidentally combust than many other vapes., I’m more confident that noobs will use it successfully.

    this is my go-to / has replaced basically all my other vapes other than portables.

  24. flotoke

    I’ve been through a good many vapes of my own and tried quite a few more over the past few years. To date, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING comes close to what I get out of my nano from flavor, to efficiency, to ease of use, to simplicity of maintenance, and a few other pluses. For the price and versatility right out of the box, I still don’t think it is possible to do better. At least not in terms of what I’m looking to get out of a vape.

    I still use my OG Ver 1 most of the time. Have been rocking it daily for more than 3 years now, and it still continues to blow me away. In that time I had a bad dial (on non detachable cord) – and that took all of 8 days to ship across country, have repaired and retuned and have a new coat of finish put on, and come all the way back across the country to home. My cost? $0! How’s that for customer service? Other than that, nothing to worry about other than cleaning glass, keeping my screens clean and in shape, and giving the wood and inside a little loving maintenance every couple months.

  25. drvape

    This thing is awesome. Hands down the best vape on the market for the price. I’ve used many other big name vaporizers, and they all don’t even come close to the efficiency of this thing. Takes but a pinch to get perfectly medicated. My unit was defective, but they immediately sent a replacement. (Even a defective e nano is better than some other shit out there) great customer service, great product.

  26. Mary

    I love this thing! It cuts the burn rate in half. I figure it will pay for itself after just one year. If using it on your own, 6.5 is a good setting. If you are sharing, use 7. Does anyone know how to replace the screen?

  27. thewiz-via FC forums

    It’s been a month or so wanted to give my overall thoughts after heavy use.
    Just wanted to let you know how much I love this fucking thing. Needed to use fucking for the emphasis the e nano deserves. It’s an excellent vaporizer. Simple, little to no maintenance, cleanest vapor imagineable. It’s just everything I have been looking for.

    I initially thought volcano volcano volcano. But that’s me going by what “everyone” says. Although the volcanos great, I always loved glass. Never thought plastic bag seemed right? And the price is ridiculous.

    The point I am trying to make is I love this device. I conserve and get everything possible from the vapor. And it’s so EASY to clean. No need to replace bags with easy valves and what not. It just works. It heats up immediately and is just a pleasure to vape with. It’s excellent with a waterpipe and i might like the glass stem even more.

  28. Jazzbass-Via fc forums

    I’ve been using the E Nano for a few months and love it. One thing that I was surprised by—

    I had a hard time believing the people and reviews that said how much it conserves herb. WOW! I use half as much as I do with my Goboof Alfa. (a very nice stealthy conduction unit). My usage is pretty consistent and I’m quite literally buying half as much.

  29. jmclell14

    This device truly works as advertised, it can take a few days to a week of playing around with it before you get the hang of what temperatures you prefer. One things for certain, this unit will stretch your product as much or further than any other desktop. The direct draw stem is made of a thick glass, so it can withstand a good amount of heat, and it can really bring out the flavor of your flowers, especially at low temps. I promise that you will fall in love with your log in no time.

  30. ren.Dnb- via fuckcumbustion.com

    So, today I got the shipment in. After a little oddity happening with the tracking portal, I was confirmed by the USPS that I’d get my package by 3pm today. Sure did! I was shocked how small the box was. Opened it up and was further surprised by how small it really was.

    Didn’t disappoint me either on the first round. I’ve only been an E-Nano owner for a few hours and I’m already in love with this device. Super compact, packs a punch and has some nice style to boot. Even the aluminum holder I got was very nice! Well, I’m certainly a believer in desktops now. I can now park a few of my favorite portables to the side so I don’t wear them out.

  31. jack

    The E-Nano is the epitome of elegance. With it’s classy wood exterior, anodized aluminum base, stainless housing and ceramic heating element, it combines the most safe and appropriately selectly elements for it’s composition. The soft glow lavender LED varies intensity with temperature control. The whole setup is beautiful. Every one is unique and has individual characteristics. I think mine suits me very well

    I’m using the adjustable GonG with the basket screen flipped upside down. I found that having the stainless mesh around the sides of the herbs helps efficiently vaporize the whole load more evenly. I really like that I can adjust the height of the screen depending on load size.

    I am grateful this company produces such quality here in the States and makes it available for a very reasonable price. The owner Andy is a really nice guy, and every time I have needed assistance, it has proven to be very pleasant and expeditious.

    I have used the Volcano and the Pax prior to this. The E-Nano is by far my favorite vaporizer of the bunch.
    Compared to the Volcano, The E-Nano is smaller, quieter, prettier, more efficient, has better temperature range, is easier to use with water pieces, and is so much more frugal with herbs.
    Compared the Pax, well there is no comparison. That’s apples and oranges. But to give you an idea I haven’t touched my Pax since getting the E-Nano. (except to charge it up for long term storage hehe)

    Time to fill up a fresh stem with some fresh herbs!

  32. thomas

    Top notch and extremely well built, definitely the most efficient vape out there. Fits like a glove in your hand, oh and the clouds!!

    Highly recommended!

  33. AJS-FC forum member

    One of the wonderful things about the Nano? Find your sweetspot, and you can tap into exactly what you want and dose accordingly. Wonderful piece for beginners, as it produces amazing effects and amazing clouds with almost no effort, but also a great piece for enthusiasts and advanced vaporists, as proper technique and care seriously pays off, and can provide results that can keep up with the most expensive vapes, very consistently.

  34. allen

    I love this device and am converting people to vaporizers wherever I take it. It heats up fast, is easy to use, and dependable. I have forgotten to turn it off for days and it didn’t affect the device in the slightest. One of the best purchases I have made.

  35. AnotherSatisfiedFCMember

    I’m writing this review over a year after owning the E-nano, because it really does continue to amaze me. By itself, with just the glass stem, it is a fantastic “conserver”, flavor saver, and cloud producer. Pairing it with a water tool, using one of the EpicVape Adjustable GonGs that you can order here, makes it into a whole other beast. Everyone who likes vaporizing herbs or concentrates should grab one of these and some spare accessories, so they can see what they’ve been missing. It really does blow away much more expensive vaporizers in terms of efficiency, flavor, and overall experience. The whole E-Nano line feels very high quality, from the unit itself, to the glass accessories.

    Try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  36. morris the cat

    Over the years I’ve owned quite a few vaporizers and I can honestly say this thing blows them all away. It is perfect for flower as well as concentrates. You can adjust the temperature to your liking and get big clouds. Plus its awesome to look at. So small,yet so powerful. Don’t hesitate on this one. You’ll be happy with your purchase.

  37. Puala

    Top notch and extremely well built, definitely the most efficient vape out there. Fits like a glove in your hand, oh and the clouds!!

    Highly recommended!

  38. Jschubert29 (FC review forum)

    I have owned the E-nano for about six months now, and I am in love. The vaporizer produces massive vapor clouds with minuscule amounts of material. I have owned and used a variety of high-end vaporizers, and the E-nano is a better vape than every one of them. The E-nano is beautiful, efficient, versatile, sturdy, simple, extremely effective, and backed by some of the best customer service you can find. Since purchasing my nano, I have gotten rid of all my other vaporizers. I am planning on buying an exotic wood nano sometime as well. My quest to find the perfect vape has finally ended, and I haven’t considered buying any other vaporizer since I received the nano!

  39. anonymous

    I bought this baby to use with water toys

    the GonGs are the best, i dont want to go back to unpolished joints! Makes removing easy, slides out as easy as it slid in (hehe).

    Best decision ever! No regrets.

    Big smooth clouds.

    new daily driver.

    get one you wont regret it.

  40. matthew

    this is by far the best desktop unit i have ever owned. I have used many vapes in my time. such as mflb, silver surfer vaporizer, Volcano, and extreme q. While i always enjoyed vapor through vapes like the ones i just named, i always stuck to combustion, but when i found the e-nano i stopped combusting my herbs started to strictly vaporize, with the e nano i feel like it is a waste to use any other form of smoking or vaping. The amount of herb i need to get the job done has been cut in half and this awesome vape can milk any of my glass pieces with ease, using less than it would take if burning, and i only ever get the tastiest cleanest vapor i have ever enjoyed. This thing will power through any herb or concentrate that i put in the stem and it never burns or never gives gross hits like you can get at the end of some vape sessions. Only clean tasty vapor every time. I recommend this unit to anyone and everyone!! honestly though if your gonna be spending money on vaporizing or glass for enjoying tobacco or fine herbs, your first buy should be the e-nano. It is the perfect companion for your glass pieces with a glass on glass adapter found in the accessories section. i have been using the adjustable 18mm gong attachments and i have never gotten so much out of my herb.or my glass. I am very happy with my purchase and the customer service from epic vape has been amazing. I would recommend this vaporizer to anyone and everyone.

  41. andrea

    Best plug in vaporizer!
    I’m using it in EU with a step down converter for some months now, wonderful device and smooth vapor both dry and waterfiltered!
    Love it

  42. kyle

    After having this vaporzier for roughly 5 mo nths now. I can confidently say that this is the best vaporizer on the market today.

    I have had loads of vaporizers and ever since purchasing this e-nano I haven’t had the need or desire to try or buy any other.

    Perfect flavor, great clouds. The cherry wood looks amazing after 5 months of use. I leave it running for 6+ hours a day and haven’t had a single issue whatsoever.

    Highly recommended for medical users.

  43. darren

    This unit is hands down the best desktop vape out there. I have been through the MFLB, the EQ for several months and now the NANO! It is so tiny and as EVERYONE says… “EFFICIENT”. I would say it uses half the amount to get where I want to be compared to the EQ. The Hits?? Some of the best tasting herbal hits I have ever had from anything along with massive clouds. With the EQ, I used the whip and would sometimes get yucky hits after the 3rd or 4th hit. I don’t get any bad hits with this thing as it is all glass. I don’t even save AVB, as the Nano appears to really chew through the green as I said earlier…Efficiently. I cannot recommend this unit enough. I have the stem, the stem with the screen, 10 screens, and replacements gongs coming in the mail today in case I break anything. My transition away from combustion should be easy after this bad boy. LASTLY….Get the D020D bubbler from DH gate. I got mine for $28, but it is had for cheaper. Do yourself a favor and pick this thing up. I’m trying to think of a negative aspect. One negative thing and I cannot.

  44. calyx via FC Forum

    Amazing! Seriously, I’ve had multiple vaporizers from tabletop to portables and I gotta say the E Nano is one of the best out there.
    It’s reasonably priced, they have great customer service, and the vape looks beautiful. On top of all that, it produces great vapor clouds.
    When I switched from combustion to vaping, I always missed the feeling of smoking out of water pipes. The vapor clouds this vape makes brings all the nostalgia back.

  45. Bill

    AWESOME VAPE!!!! This has been my daily driver for almost a year. Great product! Super simple, extremely efficient, fair price…. it’s a no brainer! Get one. You’ll love it!

  46. Enchantre

    I should apologize – this review has been a long time in coming. The E-Nano was a game-changer for me. Magnitude of herbal extraction improvement over my previous (conduction) portable vape. I leave it on, on 7, 24/7. I use it usually dry, either through the Gong and an empty bubbler, or with the straight stem. Works best when loaded skimpy. Now, let’s discuss looks. I got a custom Nano, and it is amazing. The image is laser-etched, looks great with the Walnut wood, and really personalizes this for me. Thanks Andy, for such a great vaporizer!

  47. julie V.

    Finally, the product that will answer your everyday vape needs! The nano is efficient, flavorful, easy to use and dependable. I never thought dense flower clouds were possible with a vape but the nano delivers. And my consumption of flower amounts has gone done tremendously. If a negative review ever shows up here or anywhere for the nano, it will surely be a flower distributor whose business has deteriorated by all their nano customers!

    Thanks to the epicvape team! I love my Nano!!

  48. Maurice

    Check out some of the you tube videos posted of this little beast in action. I own a few portable electric vapes, a few flame powered vapes, and have tried numerous desktop units and the epicvape line delivers the goods with consistency,little to no learning curve, superb taste, super fast heat up, great heat retention, and if desired huge vapor cloud production with or with out water filtration. The pictures are gorgeous but do no justice for the beauty and nano size of the unit. Thank You EpicVape for an amazing product that far exceeded my expectations!!

  49. T. Taylor

    Don’t let it’s little size fool you, this thing is a BEAST. Huge clouds, quick heat up, and flavor city. Thank you Epicvape for changing my mind about vaporizers.

  50. BlazingOG via FC

    This has to be one of the best vapes to own period, hands down the easiest, most efficient yet powerful enough for essential oils. The taste ……..well basically, a taste of heaven. you can load whole or grinded herbs with out a hitch, blows clouds comparable to higher priced units with out breaking a sweat. The units are darn right a work of art ,natural art I might add. Thru water or dry its a pleasurable experience to have the variable power levels. This unit is so efficient that I am already starting to save by using less material but achieving the level needed with far less that other vape’s I have tried or owned. It will pay for it self in no time!!!

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