E-Nano Water Adapters

These thick wall water piece adapter accessories are just what you need to pair your E-Nano with your favorite glass water piece for the ultimate smooth, cool vaping experience.

Choose from either adjustable stainless steel screen or a non-adjustable fixed honeycomb glass screen. All GonG adapters come complete with our exclusive glow-in-the-dark 6 sided silicone heat guard to keep your fingers safe from rolling off the table.

Available in two most popular bowl sizes 14mm and 19mm, or our universal SonG which fits either!

Adjustable Screen Adapters


 Our exclusive adjustable gong adapter equipped with a stainless steel basket screen to adjust the size of your bowl and distance from the heating element.

Fixed Screen Adapters


The non-adjustable fixed honeycomb glass screen gong adapter for those seeking a more pure glass experience. Eliminates the need for a stainless steel basket screen.

To determine the size adapter needed measure the joint diameter on the water pipe where you would normally insert the “bowl” adapter. Standard sizes for most glass water pieces are either 18mm/19mm or 14mm. If you’re unsure we suggest our E-Nano SonG which will work for a variety of sizes.