Our Story

Welcome to the new world of Vaporizers. No more boxes, no more whips, no more bags. Epickai is proud to introduce the E-Nano ‘Log’ style vaporizer. Simple to use, efficient, affordable, quick heating and beautifully handcrafted in America.

Available in your choice of renewable hardwoods and finished with an all-natural shellac. We guarantee the E-Nano will deliver to you the best tasting, biggest clouds you’ve ever experienced from a vaporizer, or your money back!

Birth of a Nano

I had been a smoker for almost 40 years when I first tried a vaporizer. I had heard all the health benefits of using one but I couldn’t find one at the time that I liked. They didn’t seem like they were giving me the same benefits that smoking did and I didn’t like that they looked like a science experiment on my table. Like a good friend of mine said:

‘Vaporizers were giving vaporizers a bad name.’

I wanted the health benefits of vaping. I knew combustion was bad. About that time found a website that was devoted to vaporizing. These guys lived and breathed vaporizing and detested combustion. The site is actually called Fuck Combustion.  This was where I found out about a new style of vaporizer known as a ‘log’ vape. Log vapes don’t exist anywhere else. You can’t buy them in stores, there were just a few craftsmen making them and selling them to followers on the website. I loved the look (they are traditionally hand crafted from wood hence the name “log”). They were unbelievable the way they conserved herb. They were incredibly easy to use and were cherished for the clean flavor they delivered. They did have some problems though, the main one being that they employ a small resistor as a heat source. The heat is created by overloading the resistor which took 45 minutes to an hour to heat up, and it only had one temperature. It was either on or off.

I wanted all the benefits of a log vape (great flavor, good looks, simple to use, and economical) but I wanted it to heat up in less than a couple minutes and employ a variable temperature controller.

Off to the research lab! Having a background in woodworking (I used to make guitars) and penchant for design I began to work on a ‘hybrid vape’ I wanted the power and temperature adjustment of a traditional box type vape, with the beauty, economy and simplicity of a log style vape. After about 100 prototypes and 6 months of testing, the E-Nano was born. I found a 100 percent ceramic heating element used in the food industry and housed it in medical grade stainless steel. I built the body of it using a solid piece of hardwood so there is no glue or laminates and sealed and finished the wood in natural shellac so there is nothing toxic to breathe or smell, after all if you are vaporizing for health you want the air path to be clean and pure. I sold about 25 to ‘beta testers’. It was easy to use, heated up in two minutes, had fully adjustable temperature control, could vaporizer flowers and concentrates You could leave it on your desk and use it as an aromatherapy device. The response from the beta testers was amazing. They started singing the praises of the E-Nano on the ‘Fuck Combustion’ website and I was in the vaporizer business. One year later there are over 900 PAGES and over 11,000 comments/reviews/tips/testimonials now on the Fuckcombustion.com website about the E-Nano.

The E-nano is still and always will be handcrafted in the USA.